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georeferencing "using coordinates" arcgis pro

Question asked by EverettKemper on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

First off, I am trying to learn ArcGIS PRO, despite the fact that I am pretty good at ArcGIS 8.x-10.x.  So frustration with PRO is mounting.  PLEASE HELP.


I have a TIFF image which is a scan of a very old USGS topo.  I would like to georeference this in PRO by directly keying in the DMS coords notated on the topo.  The flow of the  process in PRO is very intuitive up to a point.  A video I found on youtube instructs me to use "left" mouse click after I set my initial point on the raster using the "left" click, in order to get the coordinate entry menu to appear .  This made no sense.  The ESRI help tells me to use the right click after I set my initial point on the raster, in order to get the coordinate entry menu to appear.  This doesn't work either.  I even changed mouses in order to eliminate that as a source of the problem.