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Use answer from previous question to limit dropdown choices

Question asked by cpeters93710 on Nov 8, 2017
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I'm using Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS v. 2.4.60 to create an asset survey form. I have several asset types that will ask "What type of material is asset made of?" Some materials are specific to an asset while other materials can be used to describe several different assets. Instead of creating 20 separate lists for each asset's material dropdown list, I would like to create a single materials list (see graphic) and have the chosen asset type limit the material choices to relevant materials. For example, the user selects the type of asset from a "select_one asset" list (e.g. road) and the corresponding "select_one materials" list will only contain materials used on roads (e.g. asphalt, gravel, dirt, etc.). Select waterline for the asset and the materials list will contain pvc, copper, and steel. If this is possible, how would I get started?

screen clip of materials list for all assets

Thanks, Charlotte