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How to clear recent projects list in code

Question asked by mjk5000 on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by mjk5000

I am using the sample logic to get recent projects



var fileInfos = Project.GetRecentProjects().Select(f => new FileInfo(f));

But I want to know how to clear this list in code.  I want to update the user.config that stores the recent projects.  ArcGIS Pro does this when you try and open a recent project that no longer exists.  If you click on one, it will prompt you and ask you if you want to remove the project.  I have made a custom start page that loads the recent projects, but when a user clicks on a recent project from the list (that has been deleted from system), ArcGIS Pro Crashes.


I have attached the out of the box Prompt behavior that i want to mimic in the Pro SDK.