ArcGIS Solutions for the Opioid Epidemic

Discussion created by dlaw-esristaff Employee on Nov 6, 2017


The ArcGIS Solutions team have developed a collection of maps and apps that public health and safety agencies can use to communicate the severity of the opioid epidemic, promote treatment alternatives, and understand the effectiveness of response activities.


Health and Human Services - Tackle Opioid Epidemic | ArcGIS for Local Government 


Workflows include:

  • Educate the Community
  • Track Naloxene Deployments
  • Report Drug Activity
  • Measure Drop-off Effectiveness
  • Promote Treatment Options
  • Monitor Opioid Response


FYI, another good resource: The Opioid Mapping Initiative is a community of practice that includes leading local government health and law enforcement agencies, technologists, and researchers committed to engaging their communities in partnerships to improve awareness of the opioid epidemic and make better decisions with government resources.