Popup Configuration Question on Link to file in shared folder

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<update 1> This may be a problem of the unsupported extension LocalLinks on Chrome. The hyperlink in Web App works in IE. 

<update 2> the similar almost identical issue has been thoroughly discussed in comments of the blog post

<update 3> find another extension which solve the problem. 

Enable local file links - Chrome Web Store 

The other one "LocalLinks" doesn't work:


Can anyone help shed some light on the following issue on hyperlink to file in a shared folder? The hyperlink works in Web Map but failed in Web App. Is there special formatting to enable the hyperlink acts the same in Web App as in Web Map. 


I configure the Popup with a link to a file in a shared folder. It works in web map. However inside the App, no reaction when click the link. 


<tr><td style="padding: 2px; width: 100px;"><b>Attachments</b></td><td style="padding: 2px;"><a href="{URL_Attachment}" target="_blank">Open Valuation Attachment <br /></a></td></tr>


The input in URL_Attachment field, is the full file path and name as below.  file://rcant7\data\report\AG\Sales\2017\Desert\753100013-4_9036388_09 02 2016.pdf  



Because App doesn't respond, I tried to specify the link. In popup configuration, I typed in

<a href="file://///rcant7\data\report\AG\Sales\2017\Temecula\Pardee CH Maps (00000002).pdf" target="_blank">testLink</a><br />


the TestLink works and the PDF attachment is open in a new tab in Chrome. After save the web map and reload the App, mouse over the testLink, the status bar shows as below. Instead of the attachment PDF, the App is open in a new tab. 

https://#####.*******.org:3344/webappbuilder/apps/15/#///rcant7datareportAGSales2017TemeculaPardee CH Maps (00000002).pdf


Many Thanks.