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Configure GeoEvent Context URL

Question asked by victorv on Nov 2, 2017



I have a GEoEvent Server 10.4.1 behind a AWS load Balancer, the load balancer URL has their own https valid certificate, let say I configured properly access to arcgis and geoevent


I have a problem, When I create an input of type "Receive Features on a REST Endpoint)" the input is created but the url is the local url, for example  http://sitehost:6180/geoevent/rest/receiver/deleteme-rest-features-in I need to have the proper url (The url on the load balancer), this is something similar  to the web socket url, to change the websocket url I did in Arcgis Admin > System -> Properties -> Update and add the following json:

{"WebSocketContextURL": "wss://"}


This is and screenshot with the input creation:



Please help me with this problem.