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Perform query and lookup/cross-reference against a range of values

Question asked by siewwei.goh on Nov 4, 2017
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I am setting up my form with pre-filled data. One of these fields need to be automatically populated depends on selection from previous question.


For example, if I have Stations at xx km location along a specific line, I want to be able to query against more than just one column from the CSV dataset.  I am not sure of how to combine pulldata with IF and AND functions or to query a number between a range of values.


Example of the dataset and the results I want to be returned... Say my CSV dataset contains the following fields:


and I have stations which are at measured kms along its specific line, I want to be able to return the value from Column E based on the criteria that satisfy columns B, C and D above.

Can this be performed in the XLS form?

The alternative is using Cascading Select, which is not exactly ideal.

Any thoughts?


Thank you