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Update Cursor Python Programming Issue

Question asked by courtneylwade2017 on Oct 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by jborgion

Hi there. I'm a frustrated student taking a programming class where I am way over my head. I am taking this class with my first GIS class (bad idea) so my understanding is very limited. That being said, if you could give clear and simple explanations, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


This is the assignment question:

"For this assignment you will perform a batch update on the trees fc. While the arborists performed their tree inventory of the park, they mistakenly made some data collection errors. Each “Ash” tree that had a DBH greater than 25 should actually be an “Oak” species. Your task is to develop an update cursor/python code that performs this data fix."


This is a screenshot of my attribute table. 



This one of countless attempts: