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Why is Collector crashing on Windows and Android App when trying to work with related tables?

Question asked by Tdegrazia on Oct 27, 2017
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I am having trouble with our collector App.  It was working, and now it isn't.  Everything works fine, until we try to add something to a related table, and then on both android and windows devices it either freezes the app or shuts it down completely.  It works perfectly fine on ios hardware.


I have found a few resources, but none of them are helping us. Things i have done:

- enabled pop-ups

-made the relationship based on GlobalID's

-Changed settings in the service editor.


I found this article, and did everything associated with it. 


We also tried some of the suggestions from this post, but the workaround with security is just not feasible for us.

Editing Related Tables in Collector 


Thank you.