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Convert only Time string to Date

Question asked by styndel on Oct 27, 2017

Hi, I'm using ArcGIS 10.5 and have a question about converting a string column that contains a time value into a date column. 


Essentially I had a hard time getting GIS to recognize my time stamps (which are needed in my data attribute table). They are formatted as 5:18, 11:18, etc. In the CSV file I work from they look like 5:18:00 AM. I understand that ArcGIS does not accept Time, but through reading online it was recommended that these values be uploaded as Strings and then converted into Date for any analysis.


It took a long time, but finally (and through no real understanding of my own), it accepted the previous format above as strings (5:18). I am trying to convert them into date but have been unsuccesful. The Convert Time Field does nothing to them (they remain as strings), and I played around with Python coding to no avail (admittedly I have no prior experience in Python). 


Does anyone have any advice for converting the time into the appropriate format? Thanks very much.