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Filter Widget Zoom Function

Question asked by jsdunn4000 on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by jsdunn4500

Morning All


This is a question for Robert 


I've been struggling with the filter widget lately. I have two issues


1. Firstly why is there not a zoom to function in the filter widget in AGOL or Portal when there is in Group Filter ? 


2. Secondly the Filter widget and the group filter widget behave differently for me on the same data set which is in the same location when I am running them through my Portal account. The Group Filter works in that it can access the data set, which is a feature service. The filter widget cannot access the data, I get an internal server error 500.


Unfortunately I need the filter widget to work with it's superior functionality over the group filter widget. The data can be queried with a click of the mouse and a pop up, but the filter widget does not allow filtering to occur. The group filtering widget does. Does this make sense ? 


Any input would be most helpful.