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How to pass resulting featureSet to Screening Widget with feature action?

Question asked by jawest1 on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by jawest1

Currently I have the select widget set  up to open smart editor with a feature action. I created another action to open the screening widget, but can't get the feature/attributes of the selected feature passed to the screening widget automatically. Currently once the screening widget opens I have to select the feature again. How do I populate the screening widget with the selected features automatically within the feature action? I'm very new to WAB.


Here is the code for my feature action- 



], function(declare, lang, BaseFeatureAction, utils, PanelManager, WidgetManager, Deferred, registry){
  var clazz = declare(BaseFeatureAction, {
    name: 'PrintTicket',
    iconClass: 'icon-edit',

    isFeatureSupported: function(featureSet){
      return featureSet.features.length > 0;

    onExecute: function(featureSet){

           .then(function(myWidget) {

                var ticket = featureSet.features[0].attributes;

                var fName = [];
                fName[0] = featureSet.spatialReference.wkid;
                fName[1] = featureSet.displayFieldName;
                fName[2] = featureSet.geometryType;
                console.log('log: step 0 '+fName[1] +'  ' + fName[2]);
{ numLevels: 10});
          utils.featureAction.zoomTo(, featureSet.features);
  return clazz;



   The console will log all fields and my geometry etc. I'm not sure how to pass feature to Screening widget though.