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sum() Aggregate function, appends values, doesnt add them

Question asked by dbecker88 on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by dbecker88

Here's the general layout of the form. If selField = a, I want to set calcField to 1 for the repeat record.

Then, the calculation in sumVal field should tally all the repeat records that have a value of 'a'.


Well, the first sumVal is 1 if 'a' is selected, then you add a repeat select 'a' again, now the sumVal is 11.

So, the sum() calculation is concatenating the 1's and not adding them. How do you get around this??

I have calcField and sumVal fields set to ESRI type Integer.


begin repeatrelatedTableList of Repeats
select_one choiceListselField
calculatecalcField if(selected(${selField},'a',1,0)
end repeat