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Spatial intersect types

Question asked by paul.haakma on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by paul.haakma

Hi all


I realise this isn't strictly an AppStudio question, maybe more a Runtime question in general....


When running a query with a spatial relationship, there doesn't appear to be a spatial relationship that returns features that not only intersect, but where the area of intersection is greater than zero.


SpatialRelationshipEnvelopeIntersects  is closest, but it also returns features that 'touch', i.e. they share a common boundary, although nothing actually overlaps.


Currently I have to find this by first running the query using the 'intersects' method, then stepping through the results one by one and checking if the intersection of each feature geometry with the query geometry is actually greater than zero.


So I can achieve it, but I can't help thinking there should be a query type that achieves it in one step.


Any ideas from anyone?