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Graphical display bug in an embedded Shortlist Story Map

Question asked by Nick.Dragunow on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by ressinger-esristaff

Hi there,


I'm having issues with a Shortlist Story Map embedded within a Cascade. It's a production project and the issue is proving very hard to reproduce, so unfortunately I can't include screenshots.


The shortlist contains 5 tabs with about 18 projects split between them, each with a simple graphic and text. All editing was done within the Story Map editor - no JSON manipulation at all. 


One client is intermittently experiencing a graphical problem when clicking on the left and right arrows to scroll between projects. The functionality is fine, but the slider of projects following the current one is displaying over top of the map, rather than being hidden until it reaches the left panel. Essentially you can see three slides of content on the screen at once, with only the currently selected one displaying in the text + image window, and the rest displaying correctly but on top of the map. 


The client tells me this occurs fairly frequently, and with no obvious triggers - although he suspects it is a loading issue, because after visiting all projects within a tab the problem resolves itself. This error is occurring in Explorer and Chrome, although I don't yet know which versions. 


I haven't seen any mention of this online - has anyone had a similar problem?


Cheers for any assistance.