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Browser performance issues using query widget

Question asked by ctownsend_2017 on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by ctownsend_2017

Has anyone noticed the differences in browser performance using AGOL, specifically Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge?

I setup a query to grab ~10,500 records using the query widget (I changed the service definition in maxRecordCount: to 20,000 from 2,000, because not all the records are displayed, and it's not obvious to the user that you have to keep scrolling down the list to load more records - if you hit export to .csv it only grabs the first 2,000 records)

Anyway, It took Chrome (v 61.03163.100 - 64 bit) 42 seconds, and Firefox (v.56 - 32 bit) 54 seconds to grab the ~10,500 records and highlight them. Both these browsers popped up a message saying a script was taking too long, and gave me the choice of killing it or waiting.


IE (v. 11.1593) and edge (v.  38.14393.1066.0) both completely choked and died, with a message saying ' is not responding' chance to click wait...they both just stopped responding and froze. I crashed out after 5 minutes of watching a blank white screen. Edge crashed completely and disappeared during one test and I had to restart it.


Has anyone else noticed poor performance with IE and Edge & AGOL queries and what was done to resolve it?