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Repeat within a repeat no longer functioning

Question asked by IAldridge_CRT on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by vsimps

I have an admittedly bizarrely complex survey which I have built in Survey123 Connect.  In August we were testing and everything was fine.  However, since the minor update in September it is no longer working and I'm trying to find a work around.  After some research it appears I found a loophole which has since been fixed.


The survey is built with a repeat embedded within another repeat.  The reasoning is that this is a bridge survey.  For every arch in the bridge (first repeat) a number of questions are asked.  If there are any defects identified they need to be detailed (second repeat).  It can't really be outside of the first repeat as the defects need to be linked to the section of the bridge where they are found.


I've attached the portion of the survey that involves the repeat within repeat issue.  Any suggestions or ideas for a work around would be greatly appreciated.