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How to dynamically summarize points within a boundary?

Question asked by david.semitekol_harleydavidson on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by drewm0520

Hello Community!


The newest version of AGOL has some fantastic features and seems to get better with every update.


I have been using the dashboard web app and the info graphics to really showcase some insights along with visually compelling data.  My end users have been thrilled at the results.


However, I was wondering if there was a way to dynamically update either these info graphics or to dynamically summarize points in a boundary file.


Here is my situation:

I have a web map built with our facility locations and have also imported NOAA's current hurricane resource which shows active hurricanes with several layers, including a cone of uncertainty.  This layer is a boundary layer and is updated consistently by NOAA which is then rolled out to all users such as myself which updates on my web app.  Who doesn't love an automatic updating of web maps? 


I can summarize all of my facility locations using the cone of uncertainty layer since it is just a polygon layer, however, I would like to dynamically summarize my point facility locations as the cone of uncertainty layer is updated so that when my end users log into the web map they can easily see a "live updated" number of potentially impacted facilities.


Does anyone think this is possible or am I pushing the envelope and needing to wait for another AGOL update?