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Mobile App Issues: Map Tour

Question asked by ckutter on Oct 3, 2017

When using Map Tour with ArcGIS link on mobile device, the app becomes very slow to interact with. At times it even gets stuck and you have to click out of the web browser all together. For our app, when you click on a point, ~1min YouTube video will play. Most of the time it allows you to get back to the “map” or “list” after media plays, but not always. Issues with speed/app freezing have been seen when interacting with pan/zoom or after you go from media back to map to try to click on a new point. Have reduced basemap to very few layers, using youtube video urls so not trying to upload any images/videos, only have 10 points/videos at this draft stage, and tried many optimizing tips (besides hosting on own server).


Ideal situation is to embed app on website. Iframe & App display are working well together responsively with help from CSS code. The main issue is the media function: whether you let the video play out or click done/stop before it's complete, the app freezes or just allows you to replay video. You are unable to use “List”, “Map”, or “Show Title” unless you re-fresh the browser which I don’t think many will do. Most times it gets stuck after first time you watch a video, which limits the viewer to that one point's content. I considered shortlink to arcgis url just for mobile use but as mentioned above, noticed issues there as well.  


Any tips when working with mobile version of story map tour app? Or ideas for embedded app and mobile use? Have seen problems mentioned above when testing different browsers, iPhone and Android, but not on desktop and tablet.


Message me if you'd like to see the arcgis/website links.