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Can labels be restyled via the REST API?  Stuck on syntax.

Question asked by MappingSupport on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by MappingSupport

I am using the ArcGIS Server REST API to display MapServer data that supports dynamic layers. I know how to restyle line and polygon geometry when my code calls for the tiles.

Question: Is it also possible to restyle labels?


The following link displays one tile with label data:,256&imageSR=3857&format=png&transparent=true&dpi=&f=image&bbox=-94.921875,30.751277776257812,-94.21875,30.14512718337613


And here is my call for the same tile where I am trying to make the text magenta:,256&imageSR=3857&format=png&transparent=true&dpi=&f=image&dynamicLayers=[{'source':{'type':'mapLayer','mapLayerId':15},'drawingInfo':{'labelingInfo':{'symbol':{'color':[255,0,255,255]}}}}]&bbox=-94.921875,30.751277776257812,-94.21875,30.14512718337613


However my call results in the following nastygram:

{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Invalid dynamic layer definition for labeling classes.","details":[]}}


Can anyone shed light and show where I have gone astray in the syntax?


Joseph Elfelt