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Restricting user entry values between multiple entry questions

Question asked by Admin_CHcity on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2017 by ichivite-esristaff

I am looking to create a survey where I would like the user to be able to "spend" $10 in $1 increments on multiple options. In other words you have $10 to spend, how would you spend them towards obtaining the following:

1) Provide access to current open space (choice $0 to $10)

2) Create "pocket" or neighborhood parks within the city (choice $0 to $10)

3) Obtain new parcels to be dedicated as open space (choice $0 to $10)


The user can spend all $10 on one question or $4 on question 1) and $6 on question 3). I would like the form to keep track of what he/she has spent as they go through the choices and not allow them to use more than the allotted $10. It would be best if they had the ability to change their answers until they have the desired entries.


Is this possible to do and could you steer me on how I could accomplish this?


Many thanks.


Kevin Sato
Cottonwood Heights GIS

Cottonwood Heights, Utah