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Creating a histogram from a raster?

Question asked by jerryddavis on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by JLenhardt-esristaff

How do you create an actual histogram chart from a raster in ArcGIS Pro? 

  • In Raster Functions under the Imagery tab, there is a Statistics and Histogram function under 'Appearance' but it's not clear how you can make a chart from it.  This appears to create a statistics file, as ArcGIS desktop did, which is necessary to create a histogram.  But there doesn't appear to be functionality anywhere to create a histogram from that statistics file.  
  • The documentation says you can make a chart from any map layer that has an attribute table, but the contextual data tab you would use to get there is only available for feature layers.  I guess the value attribute tables of rasters are not considered attribute tables.
  • One workaround I guess would be to sample the raster by random points and then create a chart from that, but they maybe shouldn't call the raster function 'Statistics and Histograms' unless it actually does something other than create a statistics file.