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Use SAML authentication and Basic Authentication in parallel?

Question asked by nicole79 on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by nicole79

There are two type of clients accessing our ArcGIS Enterprise Infrastructure. One client is a JavaScript Web application where users are authorized at the ArcGIS Portal via SAML, and so they can access their protected services.

The other client is a WMS client where users will access their protected services. Usually it will be ArcMap, but other WMS clients will be used too. Thats why we would like to make these services accessible over «Basic Authentication» (IIS, web-tier).


You cannot use authentication at web tier and portal tier at the same time as far as I understand, but I do not want to build a separate ArcGIS Server site just for the WMS services. Would it be possible that the JavaScript application will access the services over the web adaptor oft the portal, and the WMS client will access the ArcGIS Server Site over the web adaptor of the Site?

I have painted it on a graphic, would be great if anybody could help!



bye, Nicole