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Can I use MOD in Query Builder?

Question asked by huffmanp on Sep 20, 2017
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I thought I have done this before but I can't make it work in Definition Query> Query Builder.  If I just want to select features from a feature class for an item that evaluated to even 10s,  like  

MOD("MILE_NR" / 10) = 0

Can't I use MOD in my Definition Query?  Don't see MOD in the Query Builder Help, but I see it in the SQL reference docs.  Is it because the item MILE_NR is float, 0, not an integer? Didn't see INT in the Query Builder Help either, so I also tried

MOD(ROUND("MILE_NR",0) / 10) = 0

  Same message "invalid SQL statement was used"


Do I need the do this selection in Python?