Relationship class to replace join

Discussion created by petterhultin on Sep 20, 2017



I have a question regarding how to share a map that has a join between a feature class and a table. As I have understood it, what is needed is to create a relationship class. Right now I have table called “osmroads” which contains all roads of Sweden from Open Street Map. I have then inner joined it with a table called “updates”. The updates table contains some of the roads (or rather the road id’s but not the geodata) of “osmroads”, timestamps and metrics about that road. This table is continuously updated via pushes to postgres where it is hosted.

My goal is to visualize these updates on the map as they appear in the “updates” table. With the normal join I have managed to accomplish this.


Now, trying to share, I get the error that there can’t be any joins etc and that I should create a relationship class between the feature class and the table, since they are hosted in the same geodatabase.



So I created a relationship class between them, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. I can still see all roads from “osmroads” plotted on the map.

I guess there is something fundamental I’m missing about how relationship classes work. So given that you now know what I want to accomplish (and be able to publish it to Online), maybe you could advice me on what I’m doing wrong?



Thanks in advance!