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Ortho mapping aerial digital imagery

Question asked by adeschutter_DOC on Sep 19, 2017



I have a few questions on using the ortho mapping workspace in ArcPro for aerial digital imagery. 

The imagery we have captured is from a Canon RGB camera, in a fixed wing setup. We save the images as raw images, .CR2 format, they have all the EXIF data attached.

  • When selecting the drone workflow it won’t recognize our images in the folder
  • When selecting digital aerial imagery it asks us to specify a frame table and cameras table.


So out of that, it seems to me like either we have to convert our files to another file format to be recognized in the drone workflow, or we need to collect a frame table and cameras table out of the EXIF files attached to our files. Is there someone with experience who can tell us what the best way is? Or if there is a tool that already exists for writing data out of EXIF files into a frame table ?