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Can't modify map elements in ArcGIS Pro layout

Question asked by terrafirma_theo on Sep 19, 2017
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Hi. Another issue with Pro ;D


I created a layout in Pro which consists of many rectangles, text boxes, a few light weight image files, a simple legend, two circles... It's not too complicated...

I saved the project, saved the layout as a layout File as a back up. However, on re-opening the project one day, the layout is still there but I can't change any of the elements...

All I get to change is the Map Frame and one single rectangle (which acts as a page border in this case). I haven't hidden or locked the other elements (don't think you can hide them anyway...). So where are my elements/graphics in the contents pane???

-Also none of the elements (apart from the border ectangle) are clickable on the page...

-Drawing a new rectangle works as intended and it will appear on the contents pane as expected.


I've numbered all the elements and graphics below... Where are they in the contents pane? (drawing order or element type both don't have them)