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OS Mastermap basemap slow initial load

Question asked by terrafirma_theo on Sep 18, 2017

Hi, we have OS mastermap basemap data in the form of WMTS layers.

In QGIS, they load and display in a matter of seconds.

However, in ArcGIS Pro, the layer takes up to 5 minutes to load! Strangely once it has loaded, you can pan around and zoom about with no issues.


I've tried hosting the WMTS layer on my ArcGIS Online (AGOL) 'my contents' page, and then in Pro adding it via 'Add Data'. On AGOL it's very quick but in Pro still painfully slow!


As a layer in QGIS, it's rapid to display. What's going on with Pro?

2.0.1 + layers and map all in British National Grid.