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WebEOC ArcGIS Integration - Bidirectional Support Not Working

Question asked by Angelia_Hagopian_onslow on Sep 18, 2017



Has anyone had any success configuring the latest version of WebEOC (8.3) to work with ArcGIS Online for the bi-directional support?  We can get the data to push from WebEOC into our maps in ArcGIS Online; however, if changes are made to the records in ArcGIS Online the change does not push/update back in the record on the WebEOC side.  For example, if a name is changed, a point is moved or a new point created such as a road closure.  We followed the steps in the YouTube video and what limited documentation they gave us.  We viewed the log in WebEOC and it says over and over again that no record changes were detected from ArcGIS Online even when there are changes.


We have enabled (turned on) the WebEOC ArcGIS Extension Bi-Directional Support.  We are using Publisher credentials in ArcGIS Online.  Not sure what else we are missing.  


Anyone have any suggestions or can point me towards an article or setting to check out?  Anything at all would be helpful!