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Public vs Private web maps / apps

Question asked by cdohertysouthribble on Sep 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by geasand

Hi Everyone,


I am just looking for some advice on how everyone else deals with public and private maps in ArcGIS Portal.


We use Portal instead of Online as this gives us more flexibility with Server and also means we can go geocoding and processing on premise meaning we don't use any Online Credits.


How does everyone else go about securing maps and apps so they are only available internally within your organisation?


I would like some maps to be available internally but not to the general public. We don't have enough licences to provide every member of staff with a login. We also do publish some public maps so need the ability to do this meaning we can't hide all of our apps / maps behind our firewall.


If anyone could let me know how you overcome similar issues your help would be much appreciated.