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R-ArcGIS Bridge for ArcPro - Memory Allocation Limit ?

Question asked by davidherries on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

R-Script Fails for Larger Datasets (Memory Exhausted), but succeeds when not connected to ArcPro and run natively in RStudio without the Bridge.

Error Message:  Error: Memory exhausted (limit reached?)

In troubleshooting this, we used the memory.limit() function call to display memory limit allocated for the script to run within.   When testing the memory limit from RStudio we get 16000+MB (PC has 16GB RAM), but when running the same check on the memory.limt() function from within ArcPRO with R the memory limit is reading Memory.limt() = 2047MB.   


Hence why it is failing as it seems to be working with a different memory limit allocation when used in conjunction with ArcPro?   Does this right or are we missing something obvious?


Platform: ArcPro 2 Latest Release

R: 3.4.1 64 bit

OS: Windows 10

Hardware: i7 16GB RAM Dell XPS 15


Also just reaching out to other users of the r-bridge on the GeoNet community, if there is a group in which you are discussing this great functionality of using R and ArcGIS together.


Thanks in advance