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How can I customize the query widget?

Question asked by mctraverso on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by bsniderInnovate
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Hi I would like to add a few tweaks to the query widget. My goal is to combine features in the filter widget and the query widget so that I just have one widget for the end user to keep things simple. 


1. I only have one layer of point locations in my map and I would like the non-queried data points to drop off once the query is applied in the query widget. This is a feature in the filter widget that the query widget doesn't have. I have changed transparency of the map points(40% transparent) versus the query points (0% transparent) but its still confusing. Some non-queried points can still show up near and around your queried points and unless you really pay attention to the transparency you can get easily confused.


2. I would like my query inputs to clear once "clear this result" is selected from the drop down. When you select "clear this result", it only clears the queried data points on the map and the layer from the layer list but it doesn't clear the inputs in the query widget (similar to filter widget). 


3. In the drop down menu for each input in the query widget- can I add the ability to select more than one option per parameter? This would be ideal! That way I can get rid of the layer widget and the end user doesn't have to create multiple layers of data points in the map to see everything they want (e.g., if I wanted to look at data in the city Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, I can select these three in the drop down menu of the query parameters, apply and export all the results as one csv file).


Any help with any of these changes would be greatly appreciated!