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AGOL Print Widget Issues with Scale Dependant Base Map (Possible Bug)

Question asked by crombezk on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by gmattis_visalia

We have a base map service that displays different layers (with different cartography) based on the zoom level of the map.

In our AGOL web app we use the print widget which works fine when printing to the current map scale.


When we select a different map scale in the print widget, the base map does not display correctly because the widget has passed the currently view able map layers to the widget for printing.


But often times those layers are not visible at the scale selected for printing, and different layers are visible.

However, the print widget does not seem to accommodate for the visible layers at the selected print scale.


I have tried to customize the print widget to zoom to the selected print scale before sending the print command.

But the map is passed to the widget as soon as the widget is launched.

I even tried to redefine the map reference in the widget after the zoom takes place... but this did not seem to work.


We cannot possibly be the only company who has scale dependent base maps that have users who require scale specific print levels.


I believe this is a bug in the print widget.


Can someone from Esri Technical Support or the ArcGIS Online Developers Team please look into this issue?