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Python call Geoprocessing Services with SOAP method

Question asked by DEVAPPGIS on Sep 7, 2017


i have develop a Geoprocessing services that have in a GPString as input value.

Now i need to call this GP by other system in SOAP method using python.

This is the python script to call GP in SOAP Methos:

from suds.client import Client

# Call Server
client = Client('http://my_server/arcgis/services/Folder/FService/GPServer?wsdl')
toolname = 'FService'
json_string  'MQTT'
Values = []

print(client.service.Execute(toolname, Values[0], 'json','')) # Call with as many parameters you want

The script call the SOAP method in correct way but pass always the default parameter of GP instead the value that i have set into script.


I have seen this documentation to write this request: ArcGIS Server SOAP SDK 

Any help please?