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Pass a variable to a path inside a loop

Question asked by dljayasekera on Sep 6, 2017
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I need to pass year to the path inside a for loop in python script. 


years = [2010,2011,2012]
months = [9]

for year in years:
   for month in months:
     arcpy.env.workspace = r'H:\Test_ONLY\prism_800m_'+ year[:4]
     scratch = r'H:\Test_ONLY\scratch'
     if year % 4 > 0 and month == 9:
          fmaskrasters1 = fmaskrasters[243:249]
          fmaskrasters2 = fmaskrasters[249:255]
          fmaskrasters3 = fmaskrasters[255:261]
          fmaskrasters4 = fmaskrasters[261:267]
          fmaskrasters5 = fmaskrasters[267:273]
          print("Not configured in the script!")

I want to change r'H:\Test_ONLY\prism_800m_2010 each time for the months from Sep. 


How can I achieve this by modifying the above code. I think I am not doing something right in arcpy.env.workspace = r'H:\Test_ONLY\prism_800m_'+ year[:4]


can somebody help me to correct this?


Thanks in advance.