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does runtime 100.1 for iOS have a layer limit?

Question asked by mhylden on Sep 6, 2017
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We have offline geodatabase files created, and they appear differently in the windows and iOS versions of our app.  In windows, all layers appear normally, but in iOS (in some cases) not all point features draw.  In other cases, the point features draw fine.  These are two configurations of the same app, so the code is identical.  Both configurations contain large geodatabase files (~1GB to ~2.5GB), but the size of the file does not seem to matter.  The one we're having problems with is 2.4GB and one that loads correctly is 2.5GB.  One thing I have noticed however is that the one with problems has 74 feature classes and tables, while the others that work correctly have 37, 22, and 49 (split into three separate files, all of which display properly even if made visible at the same time).  In windows, the exact same geodatabase files display correctly.  I would also note that it is not ALL points that don't display in iOS - I have found a couple that do display, although I don't see any rhyme or reason in that they are in the middle of the drawing order, etc.. 


Is there a limit to the number of tables/features that will display correctly in the iOS version of the runtime that is different from what happens with the windows runtime?