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How to click feature and modify attributes in smart editor widget?

Question asked by Arpa_Piemonte_Geoportal on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Arpa_Piemonte_Geoportal

With the Standard editor widget is possible to click on a feature (ie point) and select from the popup the "modify" option --> open the editor panel -->start with attribute editing


If i use the smart editor widget , this option doesn't appear in the popup... . Why? Maybe we miss some setting?



the workaround seems complicated (close the popup, open the smart editor widget and click feature).and difficult to explain to final users.


Furthermore the content of Smart editor panel doesn't update  if i click another feature on the map


In our experience this behaviour is risky and many user fall in error:


If the smart editor panel  is already open  (for example showing point X attributes ) , and the User navigate the map then click  on another point  (ie Y feature), the smart editor  content doesn't update and remain with feature X attributes: user tipically  doesn't recognize this  and so  he modify attributes in the widget thinking to change Y content , cancelling / modifying the X record..


is there a way to solve this?



Thank you