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ArcGIS Pro queuing toolvalidation requests?

Question asked by mboeringa2010 on Sep 3, 2017
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This is something I have been running into for quite a while, which has a drastic negative effect on the use of one of my tools.


I have a geoprocessing tool that adds a lot of different layers one-by-one to the Pro map TOC.


After processing, instead of simply finishing and be done with it as happens in ArcMap, Pro's toolvalidation seems to continue for ever. Contrary to ArcMap, where a tool changes state when you click the OK button, Pro keeps the tools dialog open, and seems to trigger toolvalidation for every tiny change to the TOC. However, since a tool run is on the way, it seems Pro is kind of queuing up toolvalidation requests, as it cannot process them right away.


This is really problematic, as it means that with a large number of layers added one-by-one (which is no problem in ArcMap!), Pro creates a huge "backlog" of toolvalidation to go through.


In fact, I have had cases where the tool finished within maybe a few hours, but Pro did not release the interface and kept showing toolvalidation progress (the moving bar / dots in the top of the tool dialog) for another day or so, or not even finishing before I lost patience and killed the app.


Have others had similar experiences, with toolvalidation locking out the entire ArcGIS Pro app from usage for extended periods of time?


If my theory about the queuing up of toolvalidation requests is right, I think Pro needs changing: it needs to drop any pending toolvalidation requests as soon as any change to the TOC (layers or tables deleted/added) takes place, so as to prevent the build up of a senseless toolvalidation queue.