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Random List - XLS Advanced Form

Question asked by craig.mcintyre_ren on Sep 1, 2017
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I am somewhat new to Surey123 and I'm beginning to create a new survey using the XLS advanced form.

In a nut shell I am creating a cleaning audit, the user will select which unit they are at then score rooms based on cleanliness.


However I am having trouble with being able to show a random sample of rooms to be checked. I know what rooms are in each unit. 

For example:
I enter Unit A, upon selecting Unit A on my survey the next 5 questions should be the rooms that are to be audited. Which should be randomly populated from the master list of rooms. i.e Room G1, Room 3.4, Room 5.6 etc

I'd appreciate any help in regards to this.


Thanks ArcGIS Survey123survey123 app#