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Discussion created by jvickrey79 on Jan 14, 2011
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This isn't making much sense to me so I'm hoping somebody here can help.  I have a C# standalone console app that uses ArcObjects to add data into a newly created Feature Class.  Below is part of my code and it worked great on a Windows XP 64-bit machine that was running ArcGIS 9.3.1.  Now I have moved my application over to a Windows 2008 Server running ArcGIS 10 SP1 and I'm getting an error at pNewRow.set_Value((int)l_FCWellID, pRow.get_Value((int)l_WellID));  It just states that "object does not contain a definition for "set_Value"" 

I don't get it because when I check the methods, pNewRow clearly has .set_Value as an option.  And Yes each parameter in set_Value in the loop below does have an actual value at runtime.  Does anyone have some advice for me?  Thank you in advance..

IRow pNewRow;
                        pNewRow = pNewTable.CreateRow();
                        pNewRow.set_Value((int)l_FCWellID, pRow.get_Value((int)l_WellID)); 
                        pNewRow.set_Value((int)l_FCWellAlias, pRow.get_Value((int)l_WellAlias));
                        pNewRow.set_Value((int)l_FCWellName, pRow.get_Value((int)l_WellName));
                        pNewRow.set_Value((int)l_FCAPI, pRow.get_Value((int)l_API));
                        pNewRow.set_Value((int)l_FCOPERATOR, pRow.get_Value((int)l_OPERATOR));
                        pNewRow.set_Value((int)l_FCTEAM, pRow.get_Value((int)l_TEAM));

                        pRow = pTableCursor.NextRow();
                    } while (pRow != null);