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Having groups of questions as Compact, and present the survey in multiple pages

Question asked by cyragene on Aug 31, 2017
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We are working on a series of Stormwater BMP inspection forms. While working on a pilot survey, I learned very quickly that the form has quite a number of questions and the survey quite long.

To make the form somewhat manageable, I implemented many Groups with Compact appearances. It occurred to me today that it would be even nicer if I can break the form to multiple pages.

The red lines show where I want to insert page breaks so that they are presented in 3 pages, not in 1 page.


However, it seems the survey 123 does not really have a concept of Page. Page would be a higher organization unit, in my mind. Instead, it seems Page is implemented as one of the appearances of Groups. For the survey above, it would create 14 pages, and the questions for  each group are already expanded (i.e. you can not have compact groups in multiple pages).


I am wondering if anyone successfully set up a survey with multiple pages, each page presented with multiple compact groups. It is also possible I don't quite understand how to properly set up multi-pages. Looking forward to your suggestions and enlightenment.