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ArcGIS Pro Project Template - Extraneous data

Question asked by gmcdiarmid on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2017 by MervynLotter

I am trying to create an ArcIS Pro project template as a basic starting point for all projects.  I have created the project and included the folder connections, standard layouts, standard style libraries and a toolbox.  There are no maps, scenes or any data in the project.  When I go to create the template, the packaging process tries to include over 16 GB of data from various locations, including LAS files, ECW files, DWG files, geodatabases, shapefiles, other toolboxes and even log files from custom add-ins used in ArcMap (I can see all these things going into the \p20 folder as the package is attempted to be created).

How do I prevent all these things from going in?

I have tried all the different options in the Create Project Template dialog, but with no difference in the result.