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Has anyone published a feature service  based on query definition of related table and get Collector to work offline?

Question asked by KRMORRIS@nps.gov_nps on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by KRMORRIS@nps.gov_nps

Anyone successful publishing a feature service to ArcServer 10.5.1 for ESRI Collector with a definition query based on related tables that have required geodatabase relationships set up? I can create the feature service and view and see the features in ArcServer, Portal and Dynamically in Collector, but cannot download a replica to Collector for offline use. Any suggestions?


Any use of the supplemental tables in the definition query causes ArcServer 10.5.1 to fail to create a replica with the error "The map 'HazardTrees' failed to download with the message:Failed to create replica. The Server Log posts Error executing tool. CreateFeatureServiceReplica Job ID: jc5e429ca48084231aad4b36d7e4d0d8d : ErrorMsg@SyncGPService:{"code":400,"description":"Failed to create replica."} Failed to execute (Create Feature Service Replica).


I remove the complex query that worked in "real" time with a query to a single related table and I still cannot generate a replica.

TreeNumber in (SELECT [SEKI_HazardTrees].[dbo].[Veg_HazardTreeSurvey_tbl_VW].TreeNumber from
[SEKI_HazardTrees].[dbo].[Veg_HazardTreeSurvey_tbl_VW] group by [SEKI_HazardTrees].[dbo].[Veg_HazardTreeSurvey_tbl_VW].TreeNumber)





Hazard Tree (Points)

Hazard Tree Surveys (table)

Hazard Tree Actions (table)



SQL Server 2016

Microsoft Server 2012

ArcServer 10.5.1

SDE Geodatabase 10.5.1 / also tried in 10.2 (prior to migrating to 10.5.1 feeling that upgrading was necessary).

Collector connecting through Portal 10.5, where the url was added to portal for the feature service and a map created for ESRI collector in Android.