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Fail to display ArcGisScenelLayer with .SLPK

Question asked by ManelKeddar on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by ManelKeddar

Hello ,

I need to display a sceneLayer using a scene layer package(.slpk) , i don't know if i'm doing things right 

here's my code 


private async void startLocalServer()

// Create new Scene
MySceneView.Scene = new Scene();
// Create new scene layer from the url

string sceneURI = @"C:\Users\mkeddar\Documents\scene\sceneLayer.slpk";
ArcGISSceneLayer sceneLayer = new ArcGISSceneLayer(new System.Uri(sceneURI));
await sceneLayer.LoadAsync();
MapPoint mp = sceneLayer.FullExtent.Extent.GetCenter();
MapPoint newMapoint = new MapPoint(mp.X, mp.Y, 5000, sceneLayer.SpatialReference);
Camera Camera = new Camera(newMapoint, 90, 0, 0);





My code doesn't show me any thing and when i debug the layer is not loaded , there's no error message

i use arcgis runtime version 100.1 (developer mode)  ,i've shared my (.slpk) and my layer , please help