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Creating a conditional statement

Question asked by Casey_Ragain on Aug 22, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by deleted-user-qzyyiYme1rz9

Hello, I'm having trouble with how to write a 'relevant' conditional statement based the answers to previous fields. Here is some background information.


I have 5 fields:

  • NEEDED, type - select_one, choices - yes or no 
  • CORNER_TYPE, type - select_one, choices - CD, IT, D, ID, CS, I
  • RAMP1
  • RAMP2
  • RAMP3


My conditional statement is:


When the field Needed is Yes, ramp fields are enabled/disabled based on the Corner_Type:

  • If Corner_Type is CD (Continuous Double) or ID (Island Double), Ramp1 and Ramp2 fields are enabled.
  • If Corner_Type is D (Diagonal) then only Ramp1 is enabled.
  • If Corner_Type is IT (Island Triple) or I (Incomplete) then all ramps are enabled.
  • If Corner_Type is CS (Continuous Single) then all ramps are enabled 


Is it possible to write out all of the above scenarios in just one function?


Thank you in advance.