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Code Flow for Web AppBuilder Maps?

Question asked by bokeefe on Aug 21, 2017

I'm an old school programmer. I've been doing it off and on over the years on desktop, mobile and web. I've only got a smattering of classroom training so alot of the terminology escapes me despite grasping the concepts. So please forgive me if I 'word' this wrong.


What I am looking for is the CODE FLOW or the LOOP that a fully developed Web Map travels through upon loading as well as any FLOW or LOOP the Widgets make?


Let me try to explain for those who don't understand. I used to code for a web CMS (Content Management System) like Zikula, and I've done some for Wordpress as well. The way I learned how to code for both the CORE library as well as to develop Add-ons (think Widgets in WAB) was to learn the CODE FLOW or LOOP.


Basically a flow chart that showed... When the  app loaded into the browser, it first ran this code in this file, then this code in this file, then.. ad nauseum. I could see where changes needed to be made for custom adjustments or how to configure my custom add-ons. Now what I used to do was just take large packages like a WAB Map and put a ton of CONSOLE commands in, or Debug commands, so that when EVERY function was called it triggered in the CONSOLE and I could both watch the app load and see the code being called or I could go back and read through the process.


Has anyone made such a beast for the WAB Maps?