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Discussion created by mootzja on Aug 17, 2017
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We are creating a sign inspection app in Collector. The users would like to be able to click on a sign then open Google Maps or Earth in street view mode at the point where the sign should be in case a sign is missing they can see where it should be.


We added a custom link to the Sign layer's popup in an ArcGIS Online map, but when we click on the link, Collector opens what appears to be its own proprietary "browser" popup box as shown in the first attached screenshot. In this popup, it appears to try to bring up Google Street view but it is in the wrong location and so zoomed in it is just a blur. Swiping and pinching seem to have no effect. There is a button to "Open in Safari" but when we use the standard link, it also zooms to the wrong location and in too far.


If we use the comgooglemaps URL provided for iOS by google, the "browser" popup comes up for an instant then is replaced by a message "Error Frame load interrupted."


As a work around, we link to an html file on our own server which opens the comgooglemaps link on the iPad. It still comes up in the Collector "browser" popup, but when the Open in Safari button is tapped it opens street view fine at the right location and zoom level. However, we do get a dialog box to confirm opening a popup first and another to confirm opening it in google maps, which is frustrating to have to tap the link then three dialog box buttons to get to street view.


Is there any way to bypass the Collector "browser" popup and go directly to the default browser or google maps or earth on the iPad? Survey123 links don't go through this popup why do other links?


Here are some Sample links we tried.


Indirect link to an html file which opens the comgooglemaps link above,-123.110309914&mapmode=streetview
Direct google maps and earth links that work fine on Windows devices,-123.110309914&cbp=11,0,0,0,0,-123.110309914,246.726a,516.616d,35y,0h,99t,0r/dat

Survey123 link which does not open the Collector "browser" popup but goes right to Survey123
arcgis-survey123:///?itemID=4f0664e5286849af8feb8ce29bc545bd&field:RF_StreetAddress=3050 N DELTA HWY&field:RF_Inspector=&field:RF_MAPTAXLOT=1703180000102