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Fail to Draw Error

Question asked by RasheedKh on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by env.matt.wilkie
I recently got a new work computer, and made the switch to Windows 10 64-bit. My ArcMap is version 10.3
I've noticed that if I have an mxd open for awhile, it tends to, for lack of a better phrase, screw up connections to any and all file geodatabase. It does not "lose" the connection, I can still access feature properties, etc, and it does not give the "red exclamations." However, if I browse source connections, and retype the path, it still does not draw and will give this error:
One or more layers failed to draw:
FDO error: 0
General function failure
[File GDB layer name]:  General function failure
My only recourse is to close and restart ArcMap. The article did not provide help I could use in this case. I never had this problem with previous Windows or ArcMap versions. Any similar encounters?