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Export 3D pipe network to GIS and preserve all its object data

Question asked by elieissa333 on Aug 16, 2017

I am trying to export a pipe network 3D drawing into shapefile, and I am using this following method:    "Use ExporttoSDF command, Start a new drawing, then use MapImport to import that .sdf file. I am making sure to create object data during import."   Everything works fine but when importing the sdf in the new drawing,  the start/end z values of the pipe is replaced by 0, and the the start/end Invert elevations of the pipe is replaced by the values of the original start and end z values. it will be great if someone can help me find a solution to keep the original start/end values in addition to the original StartInvert/ EndInvert elevation when importing the sdf to autocad civil 3D.

  PS: I am using Autocad civil 3D 2017.