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Different spatial reference issue with Geoprocessing in leaflet

Question asked by speedyDE on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by JGravois-esristaff

Hi, I’m building a web map with ArcGIS Server, Leaflet and Esri-Leaflet.

Now I’m trying to add a standard geoprocess out of the ArcToolbox (Select Layer by Attribute) but I’m having a problem with the output spatial reference system.


All my data on the Server is in ETRS_1989 and for the web map its transformed into EPSG 4326. Starting my geoprocess replays me data in ERTS_1989, so I changed in ArcMap the “Output Coordinates” in Environment Settings before publishing the service, but that didn’t change anything, services still replays in ERTS_1989.


The only way to change that behaviour is using the ArcGIS Server Manager via my browser, guide through Home > services > SelectLayerByAttribute (GPServer) > Select Layer By Attribute > subitmitJob to: Options – Output Spatial Reference and write down 4326 there. This allows me to get back data in 4326 for all future tasks, but only for that one layer I was asking for, all other layers still replay with ETRS_1989.


So is there a way how I can handle that problem? Because I don’t want to change the output spatial reference for each layer by hand using the browser server manager.

Do I have to do something more as described above before publishing that service or is there a way to change output coordinate system with leaflet? I saw that there is a method in ArcGIS Java Script API but I didn’t see something similar in Esri-Leaflet.


Thanks for your help in advance. Let me know, if you need more information to help me.